Refund & Return

We have a 35-day return and exchange policy with few restrictions.

• Our fault? It's on us.
If we are at fault in any way, we will refund or exchange 100% of your order.

• Not our fault? We'll work with you.
We don't usually accept returns when it's not our fault, but we know mistakes happen. That's why we try to accommodate as many returns and exchanges as we can - even some that aren’t our fault.

Some orders may be eligible for returns or exchanges at our discretion if the return or exchange occurs within the first 35 days after the customer receives the package as long as the order is under $1,000 (before shipping and tax) and the order is returned or exchanged in its entirety. Shipping costs to return the merchandise are charged to the customer’s account, but in the case of an exchange, covers the shipping charges for the trip back to the customer.

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